RT unknown gave 3-storey mansion mothers with many children

RT unknown gave 3-storey mansion mothers with many childrenIn Naberezhnye Chelny unknown benefactor has given many children the mother Oksana Ryzhkova 3-storey cottage, reports Intertat. The mother of five children, which is preparing to move out of the Dorm room, gave me a subscription on secrecy.Previously Ryzhkov has repeatedly tried to restore it in the queue for housing, from which it was removed after the birth of two granddaughters, and even staged a hunger strike at the Kazan Kremlin.However, according to officials, after the birth of granddaughters in the Dorm room has been living for more than one family of 8 people and three ordinary. So that's another story.After Ryzhkov was trying to achieve justice in Moscow, organizing protests. For three years she managed to visit not only the police but also in the hospital with a heart attack, and even in a psychiatric hospital.The situation was resolved only after the benefactor who wished to remain anonymous, gave the family a huge cottage. It has 5 bedrooms, two rooms, kitchen. There is a bath and a Jacuzzi. Read more -->

Even very small children can communicate using sign language

Even very small children can communicate using sign languageMany parents want to communicate with children, despite the fact that they are not able to speak. The Sydney Morning Herald talks about the increasingly popular method of communicating with gestures. Supporters of this approach argue that the language contributes to the development of the brain and the establishment of close ties between parents and children. They understand what it lacks children.You know: approximately 9 months, the child begins to use his hands for communication. He learns to wave and clap. As it grows, for example, when the child stands up and walks, the set of gestures is expanding. Read more -->

Alexei Tereshchenko: if I leave the "AK bars", only for the sake of the Moscow "Dynamo""

Alexei Tereshchenko: if I leave the Forward of "AK Bars" Alexei Tereshchenko said he was ready to leave Kazan only for native Moscow "Dynamo"."I soon ends contract with AK Bars", and while no negotiations on the new agreement with the club's management was not. I want to pursue a career in Kazan and Salavat Yulaev"... it's just not serious. Do not believe the gossip of the Internet. If I leave the "AK bars", only for the sake of his first club - Moscow "Dynamo". But still need to get into the national team of Russia, part of candidates to which I am invited," said Tereshchenko.Recall that the contract Tereshchenko with "AK Bars" ends April 30, then 32-year-old striker will become an unrestricted free agent.This season Tereshchenko scored 30 (11 of 19) points in 40 games of the regular season when the utility indicator "12" and 10 penalty minutes. Read more -->

Toxins in breast milk?

Toxins in breast milk?Yes, each of us wants the health of your child. So let's try to understand. Will help released in may 2013, the document IBFAN (International Union action in defence of baby food), specifically chemical contamination of infants and young children, to see which (in the English version) HERE. This document provides an objective and independent information for parents and health workers, with analysis of data from 13 of the most common worldwide toxins that can get into breast milk or milk formula. The principal author was delivered by Dr. Adriano Cattaneo, known epidemiologist, coordinator of research into the human health and health care, working in the Institute of child health in Trieste, Italy.The bad news: it is true, alas, all the people and nature around experiencing the effects of various pollutants and industrial chemicals. Read more -->

In Tatarstan, the man who had raped two girls 8 and 11 years, said that they stuck to it

In Tatarstan, the man who had raped two girls 8 and 11 years, said that they stuck to itIn Tatarstan, the criminal case against 54-year-old local resident, who is suspected of raping girls 8 and 11 years, the press service of the SU TFR in Tatarstan.As found by the investigators, may 28, in the evening in the village of Old Salus municipal district of Tatarstan man met two girls aged 8 and 11 years and invited them to walk over to the locality, where he raped them.About the incident, the girls told their parents, who went to the police, after which the suspect was arrested.His involvement in the crime, the man did not recognize, saying that the girls themselves stuck to him. . . . . . Read more -->

You have a baby in the hands and two strips on the test? Congratulations!

You have a baby in the hands and two strips on the test? Congratulations!Your baby already has a baby brother or sister. He really tiny, just the bead in mom's tummy, but he already has. Are you happy for him? Or these two bands is too big a surprise and you hurled them into the ocean of doubt? And even if you immediately fell in love with your little "Bunny-vybegallo" at first sight for these two strips, still a swarm of questions appears in the mind.My husband wanted another child and did not specifically guarded, but even for us, those two strips on the test were as thunder from a clear sky. Remember, I had a delay (just a week, cycle after childbirth recovered quickly). I was walking with my daughter, went to market. It was the 31st of December, I bought food for the New Year and on the way home went to the pharmacy and whether for fun or out of curiosity bought a pregnancy test. Read more -->

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